Friday, July 9, 2010

X-Files: Fight The Future

The Takeaway: Them damn jiffy pop poppers in the middle of the desert are way more dangerous than you could possibly imagine.

Format: Bluray

Season 5 came to a close and Fight The Future hit the theaters that summer. X-Files mania was in full swing. The mythology had yet to become completely muddled, confusing, and frankly - boring - as would be the case for the remainder of the series.

This was one of the best leaps to the silver screen I've ever seen. The scope of the regular series episodes had always been rather expansive for television, but Fight The Future really upped the ante both in visuals and in storytelling. The mythology deepened. The relationships of our main paranormal-fighting twosome expanded upon in a way fans had been hoping for since they were first brought together in the pilot episode of the series. And many of our favorite minor characters made crowd pleasing appearances.

What was most impressive though was how the film managed not only to please long time and casual fans of the series, but was constructed in a way that allowed someone who'd never seen the television show to go along for the ride in what turned into a great mystery adventure flick with some brains.

This bluray edition only enhanced the experience, definitely a MAJOR step up from the DVD, so fans shouldn't hesitate to pick it up and go where no man has gone before.

Oh - wait...

Twilight Zone Marathon

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