Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Iron Man

The Takeaway: Robert Downey Jr. is actually a superhero in real life too. He's known as Talk Too Fast Man.

Format: DVD

It's interesting that I would follow up Pirates of The Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl with Iron Man. It wasn't until today that I discovered my subconscious was directing me to actors. I say actors, because much like Depp in Pirates, Robert Downey Jr. hands down steals the show in Iron Man and turns what could easily have been a run of the mill superhero flick into one of the best of the genre along with Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, HellBoy, Spiderman, X-Men, and the original Superman.

That's not to say Favreau didn't have control over his flick. But it seems to me he was more about situations and letting his excellent cast goof off a bit to find their way. Downey took that freedom and created one of the most fascinating superheroes ever put onscreen. His Tony Stark exudes childlike glee when he's drinking and charming the chicks with his lightning tongue nearly as much (probably more) as when he's zipping through the air in his Iron Man suit. And to think they once had Tom-Tom in mind for the role. Yikes.

It's really impossible to not have a smile on your face while watching the film - what more can you ask for in a summer flick? Proves once again that just because it isn't the 80s - Summer Movies That Don't Suck can be produced. Ya just gotta have a writer, director, and cast with heart. Execs - pay attention: It's a director's medium - let them create... pretty please... with sugar on top?

Twilight Zone Marathon.

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