Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The Takeaway: If you want to look really, really tough, your best bet is to sing and dance with FLAIR, baby! With flair. Also - you can totally change the girl you want into the girl you want her to be with a little effort. Not sure that's what the filmmakers wanted me to takeaway from the flick, but come on, let's be honest - you thought that too.

Format: Bluray

Let me just say this - god bless bluray. Anyone out there see the disgusting transfer of Grease on DVD? It was nearly unwatchable. So unwatchable, that I've never sat through it. After the first couple scenes you want question whether Paramount actually PAID to have it degraded and puked on by some film school dropout. Paramount treated their release of Grease on DVD like it was the monstrous, deformed, droopy eyed, evil twin brother (who has a tail!) your mother has always hid from you in the attic.

Then came the bluray - and God sent his angels down from high to sing and strum harps upon its arrival. Honestly - I don't know if Grease ever looked better. Even in the theaters. I mean - this picture is gorgeous and the sound - just downright amazing. I don't want this to turn into a bluray review - but seriously - if you love the flick and you have a bluray player - you MUST see it in this format.

Okay - enough of that. Embarrassing admission time. So I love Grease no matter how much a badass I pretend to be. And on the eve of entering High School, I decided to watch it again - probably for the hundredth time. On VHS! Anyhoo - I just thought I was the coolest cat in the crib. Grease gets ya in that kind of mood, even though all the supposed badasses onscreen SING and DANCE! So - the next morning arrives and I'm going to frickin' high school. And I dolled myself up in all black. Black jeans, black T. I was THE badass that was gonna rule the school, as Rizzo would put it. Until I realized - yeah - not a badass - I'm a freshman. It didn't end well for me that day, my friends. But my love for Grease lives on.


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