Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Ugly Truth

The Takeaway: Charming rogues always win. Someday - I'm gonna be a charming rogue.

Format: DVD

First Time Viewing: The Ugly Truth is an anomaly in the modern rom-com world and I think that's why it succeeds so well. It hits every goddammed traditional rom-com beat - I mean like EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN' ONE. The structure of this bad boy is as formulaic as they come - the kind that studio execs regularly slap themselves on the back for saying how creative they are - no you're not - you followed a pattern set in motion when a caveman first gathered a crowd of his cavemen companions around a fire and told a rom-com (exclusively in grunts I might add) to try and get lady cavemen to do nasty cavemen business with them. Anyhoo - The Ugly Truth? No different than the grunted caveman rom-com - except this - There has been a trend in the post 40-Year Old Virgin world to make rom-coms for dudes. These come in many forms - even the painfully annoying Bromance Breed. But the thought is this - let's make rom-coms that dudes will like. And guess what? Cavemen like them. So they keep churning them out. But the dude rom-com follows different beats than the chick rom-com.

What did The Ugly Truth do? Followed the chick rom-com beats - EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN' ONE (oh - did I mention that before?) - BUT infused it with dude rom-com funny. So what you get is a hybrid - a hermaphrodite rom-com if you will. And it is fucking hilarious after the first 7 minutes or so, which honestly aren't so good. I'll also add the last 5 minutes blow too. But everything between those 2 points - very nice. Well played, Ugly Truth. Well played.

Enjoy, kiddies! Soft Serve Ice Cream @ 66th and B'way.

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