Monday, June 21, 2010


The Takeaway: When you follow a hot chick down the beach as the sun is setting and you've had too much to drink - don't be a hero - let her go in the water and you just calmly pass out like you're supposed ta. You'll get your chance with her later. Oh, er, wait..

Format: DVD

Let's just start with that story I promised you all in the last post. So yeah - I was born because of Jaws. Spielberg is therefore my rightful father and I am due his millions. Here's the tale. My momma and papa were at the beach the summer Jaws came out. They saw the flick. Next day, everyone was going in the water. They were scared to death from the flick, stayed back, made some sweet summer lovin', and I came to be 9 months later. Well - 8 months later, but that's another story.

How's that for a horror film doing its job? And yes - make no mistake about it - Jaws is a horror film. An expertly crafted horror film - it's a master class in horror and tension, not to mention character development, pacing, music - the film is damn near perfect if not so.

It's Paris in Fall!

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