Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

The Takeaway: We all know why Liz walks around with a pout on her face for so much of the movie. Just look at Hellboy's hand. I can't believe she isn't limping too.

Format: DVD

After the early works of Spielberg, Summer Movies That Don't Suck had to jump ahead in time so I could remember that yes - badass summer flicks do exist in the 21st century too. They just don't come as fast and furious as they did in the late 70s/early 80s - when almost every summer month had not only a great flick, but an instant classic. June '82 anyone?

Hellboy is my favorite comic book character of the last 20 years. He's cool as all getout. He chomps a cigar. He says "crap" a lot. He beats the bad guys to a pulp with his really, really, really big hand. And he's the lead good dude in a secret US government paranormal protection agency. The first film was so damn good I wore out the DVD - and that's really, really, really hard to do. Okay - I'm lying. The DVD is just fine - but I watched it way too many times. So when they had so much trouble getting a sequel off the ground (damn studios!) I was pissed. Then came the news that Del Toro pulled the upset and got the flick into production. Needless to say I was there opening day.

This is just a cool flick - really, really, really cool. I like saying really, really, really - what are ya gonna do about it? Del Toro does here what every great sequel manages - keeps the tone the same, but expands the scope of the original without going to the absurd. There are awe-inspiring moments that will leave your eyes plastered to the screen for complete sequences at a time. Troll Market! What sets the film apart from most comic book flicks, other than the quirky humor, is the heart of the characters. They make you feel. They make you believe that despite their oddball shapes and sizes - they are real people in real relationships. It's pure magic.

You really, really really need to see it if ya haven't. Twilight Zone Marathon.

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  1. Excellent review! You've summed up so much of what's (really, really, really) awesome about this movie- the visuals, the characters, the emotional impact, and of course the boundless imagination.