Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

The Takeaway: Watch out for the giant flashing shofar in the sky. My Jewish homies know what I'm talking about.

Format: Bluray

Spielberg's first foray into HD is an absolute rocket ship! Blastoff. This is by far the best Close Encounters has ever looked and sounded at home. We all know the story about the peaceful aliens who come a' callin' to this little rock we call Earth. If this film, along with Jaws (see yesterday's post) and E.T (see tomorrow's post), proves anything - it's that Speilberg had us by the balls with his awesomeness in the early days of his filmmaking. NO ONE did it better. Just imagine having those 3 films along with Raiders of the Lost Ark in your resume. That's all that went through my head as I watched these films over the past few days. Having one of them still gets your name in the history books and Stevey-boy has all 4.


Yes I devoted a whole paragraph to "wow" - he deserves it. We are talking knockout filmmaking at the master level in every category. I'll even go down as saying Dreyfuss' performance here is his best to date. Although I still have a bit of a soft spot for his character in American Graffiti. Anyone who has a bluray player must go and get this release asap. There is simply no reason not to at this point - it's on Amazon for $15 and includes all 3 versions of the film, a small book, a poster, and tons of special features over 2 discs.

I couldn't have picked better flicks to open the Summer Movies That Don't Suck extravaganza. Jaws, Close Encounters, and E.T. (again - swing by tomorrow for the review) are what summer flicks are all about. They have big concepts, elegant stories, plenty of action, and most importantly - they ooze with heart.



  1. I certainly don't disagree but I think one of Drefyuss' best performances was in The Goodbye Girl, sappy as it seems.

  2. Indeed - Spielberg created the summer blockbuster, and his resume remains astounding to this day. He created the template for so many worse films that came later. Damn him! (after we praise him)