Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Bird With The Crystal Plumage

The Takeaway: Dario Argento made a better debut film than most modern directors make after years of practice. I usually reserve this space for something funny. But there is nothing funny about the pathetic state of affairs in Hollywood today. Our industry is dying and this is the WORST year for movies I can remember. End rant.

Format: DVD

Argento may be better known for Susperia, but Bird is his masterpiece. Hypnotic, stylish flick that keeps you watching, keeps you guessing, and entertains you, while showing little blood (in a horror film! Imagine that! Using ACTUAL fear and suspense instead of tearing someone's head off?) and hitting the chill bone with slick direction and an excellent score by the legendary Ennio Moriconne.

Taking a page from Hitchcock's notebook, Argento realizes that what truly terrifies us is what we don't see. DON'T SEE. Got it Hollywood? We good now?

The only horror coming out of Hollywood these days is that the industry I LOVE so much is collapsing under its own stupidity. God willing this will lead to the sort of 1970s revolution that, ironically led to the disaster we're in now, but for awhile gave us fresh, exciting, filmmaking and classics I will cherish forever.

All right - sorry for sideswiping my own review here - but it's something that needed to be said. Back to Bird - get it. Now. Enjoy, kiddies! It's a Twilight Zone Marathon!

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