Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trick R' Treat

The Takeaway: Watch out for tiny pumpkin headed freaks. They tend to be real savage-like with lollipops. Oh, and just for the record – my principal in elementary school was worse. Don’t know about his kid.

Format: Bluray

This movie completely took me by surprise. I’d been following its development for years and was astonished when Warner Bros screwed the pooch and decided against a theatrical release. Thank the maker it found a very warm, inviting home on DVD/Bluray – where presumably it will live on for years to come as a Halloween classic.

The filmmakers clearly adore Halloween night – they nailed the feeling and atmosphere so perfectly, that even watching it on the cusp of Summer, I was thrust back to a chilly, late-October eve. Could have been the open window and the cold front – but I suspect it was the startling imagery, mischief, and sinister fun bursting onscreen.

This is a live action horror comic book with all the trimmings – 4 inter-related tales of the macabre, each one more fun than the next. It is cleverly assembled in an almost Pulp Fiction timeline style with background imagery telling us WHEN we are in the overall story. Simply put – this is brilliant, exciting filmmaking and it must go on your list. Enjoy, kiddies! It’s a Twilight Zone Marathon!

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