Saturday, May 8, 2010

Silence of the Lambs

The Takeaway: Tearing off someone's face and then wearing it as a mask to make you sorta maybe look like a real bloodied up version of that person - yeah - that's pretty much still the best way to escape. Also - I've really gotta work on learning how to smell Jodie Foster's vag. It's an underused talent.

Format: Criterion DVD

I still remember the Oscars that year. How could a bloodhound not? A horror flick took home the big prize. But this was no ordinary horror flick was it? Blood? Tons. Serial killer? How about 2. Chick being thrown down into a dingy well? Sure. Creepiness in every scene? You betcha.

But this is a horror/thriller - crafted by a superior director, expertly acted (Jodie and Anthony did in fact win Oscars for their respective performances), beautifully shot - this is a masterpiece of the genre - and along with Halloween - possibly the very best on offer. Because these movies exist - I know others CAN exist - somewhere in the future. Horror movies can cross over, gain mass appeal and be truly terrifying, excellent movies. Until then - I'll always have Hannibal to whisper sweet nothings into my ear - and hopefully leave it attached.

Enjoy, kiddies! It's a Twilight Zone Marathon!

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