Monday, May 17, 2010

Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2

The Takeaway: Do not piss off a chick with a sword. That is all.

Format: DVD

QT is the master mixup mashup hipster. He begs, borrows, and steals from virtually everything in existence and slams it all into the food processor he has in place of a brain, then hits puree. Out comes the dazzlingness of whatever the hell he's working on at the time. In this case, the bloodtastically stunning (and splattering) Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2.

Without hesitation I recommend these flicks to everyone for the simple fact that you will never again see such evidence of a writer/director having so much fucking fun - his child-like glee on display in every frame - as you do here. HE LOVES MOVIES - and just about everything else for that matter. It's absolutely infectious. And the tone isn't all - this man has truly honed his craft - he is in charge throughout - no missteps at all. He is showing you with a strong, confident hand exactly what he wants you to see.

I personally loved Volume 1 over 2 - probably for sheer novelty. The kinetic energy onscreen just had me from the second the Shaw Scope logo popped up. Volume 2 was a bit slower and talky - but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The deliberate pacing building up to the final clash with Bill was a spark of genius - but as you may have guessed from the 6th word in the previous sentence - ya know - it just took a bit to get there - that's all. They both rock and you know it. So get watchin'! Enjoy, kiddies! Twilight Zone Marathon.

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