Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Joy Ride

The Takeaway: If you're a truly terrible actor, and impersonating a girl only accentuates how truly terrible your acting is, best not to sign on in the first place. This goes for you too, Lindsay Lohan.

Format: DVD

I'll save you the read and just give you the rating: Wednesday.

All right - that's not as much fun as thought it might be. But I'll make it quick - quick like I wish the screening of this film had gone. New flash - it did not. Here's the thing. The 2 lead characters are just wrong, plain and simple. Not that the big baddie didn't slightly (and I emphasize - slightly) go overboard, just a hint maybe, in his retaliation. In any case - it was kinda hard for me to sympathize with them. This wasn't terrible by any stretch - and I'd actually recommend viewing it if you haven't seen it - just keep the expectations in check. What sucks is this - the best thing about this movie - I can't even tell you about without ruining something, so - whatever - go rent the damn flick and we'll chat later. Enjoy, kiddies.

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