Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iron Man 2

The Takeaway: The best superheroes are the ones with daddy issues, sucking down the whiskey. At least, they have the best time at parties.

Format: Movie Theater

First Time Screening. What in the holy heck is everyone complaining about here? Yeah - I read the reviews before I went to see it. Sue me. I live on the internet; it was unavoidable. But was I watching a different movie - or do I just try to have fun - you know - like the main character in this film radiates in just about every scene he's ever been in. RDJ wowed me in the first Iron Man, but he blows the hinges off this muthafucka in the sequel. The man is so beyond gifted. Who needs a script with that kind of improv genius on hand?

And that seems to be everyone's major problem. The script. Why, exactly? Look - I write scripts - I've made movies. I don't just watch, I study. Was there something I was missing here? Why did the internet buzz with "muddled script"? I didn't see one at all. If anything I thought the script was laid out nearly exactly as the first Iron Man. Was it just that the novelty of having a superhero who enjoys life and his powers has worn off for these people? Maybe they just don't enjoy life? Just saying.

Was this as good as the first Iron Man? Can't say that. There were many parts that were better. But even novelty has me on this one. Iron Man took me completely by surprise. Iron Man 2 didn't have that luxury. And I still fucking loved it! Enjoy, kiddies! It's a Twilight Zone Marathon!


  1. I agree about RDJ. He is truly gifted. Chaplin was a decent film but he was spectacular. I'm off work all next week. I'll have to make sure I catch this...

  2. I was a little freaked out by all the bad press it was getting, but my friends in the UK saw it and the word coming back was good. I trust my friends over movie critics these days and for good reason. I saw it last weekend and guess what -- it was good.

    I'd say it only suffered from not having enough Sam Rockwell (I've been obsessed with him since last years MOON) but outside of cutting a character he got as much time as he could get. I've got no interest in the tie-in films so I could have done without the Nick Fury stuff, but it by no means ruined the film or anything.