Friday, May 28, 2010

Black Christmas

The Takeaway: Egg nog isn't the only scary thing at Christmas.

Format: Netflix Instant Streaming

Okay - so this was the slasher that started all modern slasher flicks. It came out 4 years before Halloween really jumpstarted the craze. In that respect it's clearly a must-see for any diehard horror freakazoid (like me), but unlike Halloween - it cannot break out from genre nutsos into the mainstream. Aside from a few standout performances and one VERY supercool, icky, freaky shot, it doesn't have the swag, the character development, or honestly - enough genuine scares to crossover. But it is a horror movie set at Christmas time and like anyone who's had the old family gatherings round that time of year - I think it's a fairly honest depiction. So it wins points there.

Enjoy, kiddies. It's a Wednesday.

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