Saturday, April 10, 2010


The Takeaway: It sucks. To be all like teen angsty and stuff. Don't play baseball with vampires. And you know what? I'll never get used to the "word", "chillax." Lastly - I now know where that damn "sparkle" craze comes from and I hate it even more.

Format: DVD

First Time Screening. So it wasn't an absolute train wreck as I'd had it in my head this might be. Not necessarily great praise I know, but considering what I was expecting, well, you get the idea. Acting? We don't need any when we have cute little things running around pouting. Kristen wasn't terrible, though she was just so wonderful in Adventureland, I kept hoping she'd rise above her material here. It's a tragic love story - yeah, I get it. I'm actually a big gooey romantic myself, but this just falls flat here, lying limp onscreen like a shower scene with Kevin Bacon. Here's the thing - it was just so s...l....o......w moving. Deliberate pace is one thing, but that wasn't the CHOICE here. They just couldn't keep this thing chugging along. It had the pulse of a vampire. Try and Enjoy, kiddies.

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