Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Monster Squad

The Takeaway: Kick him in the nards, even if you don't think he has nards. Cause you know what? He very likely does.

Format: Bluray

Nostalgia + being an 80's child = Nintendo, Rubix Cubes, There still being mystery left in the world and a reason to dream because there is no such thing as the freakin' internet yet, Michael Jackson's Thriller *Album* (yes those big discs that spun around in circles), The slow steady transition to tapes, the slow steady transition to CDs, Home Video, Transformers cartoons, and tons of movies - including The Monster Squad.

Some of those movies live quite well in the nostalgic mind, but once they hit your Bluray player, you wish you'd kept the memory just that - an unspoiled memory. I'm looking at you, The Last Starfighter! Others are still like, totally tubular, dood. The Monster Squad is of the latter cocktail.

While I always preferred The Goonies, The Monster Squad was a tremendous effort in bringing the thrills and chills of old skool monsters to the teen/tween audience. It has great characters, lots of humor, and some totally badass action. Absolutely a must-see. And it's never looked better on home video than the new Bluray release from Lionsgate. Enjoy, kiddies! It's a Twilight Zone Marathon!

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