Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Alive (1974)

The Takeaway: It takes an awful lot of cops to take down a baby.

Format: Netflix Instant Streaming

First Time Screening. Holy 70s Batman! Er - well, I guess that's the 60s - but you get the idea. Man oh man - watching this film was like stepping through a portal back to my mom's apartment growing up. I'll save you the suspense - I was talking about the interior decorating of their house. I never, as far as I remember anyway, killed anyone as a baby. I waited until after college for my spree. Laugh, funnyman. But you're next. And I watch a lot of horror flicks. So this aint gonna end well for ya. Whoa - where'd that come from?

Anyway - great googaly moogaly that newborn can launch a bloodbath! Just think - all that milk wasted. What would you do with a milk truck filled with spilled milk mixed with the splattered blood of a newly dead milkman?

I never got totally into this film. I'm sure there are a number of reasons. Maybe it was the incredibly awful baby monster puppet. Maybe the fact that very little happened in the film. Maybe I thought I was watching straight horror and got cheesy fun (mindset wasn't there). Who knows? It was just sorta there for me - background noise. Not terribly scary, though quite gory. I guess for gorehounds - it'll satisfy. And also - even though the terrible baby monster puppet really was completely unconvincing - it did have a certain charm to it. Look - if you have the choice between watching this and being forced into a Dora the Explorer marathon by your toddler - I'd go with this. It's not the greatest recommendation in the world, I know, but it's all the excitement I can muster. Enjoy, kiddies. It's a Wednesday.

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