Friday, April 9, 2010

The Invention of Lying

The Takeaway: Lying is an absolutely fantastic way of getting the girl. But we already knew that one, didn't we? Also, it's probably best to watch out for the man in the sky. Oh yeah - and snub noses are pretty badass.

Format: Bluray

First Time Screening. Ricky Gervais = Genius. Laughed throughout the entire runtime except in the handful of moments when I got choked up. This is easily one of the funniest movies of the past few years. First came Shaun of the Dead, then Hot Fuzz, now The Invention of Lying proves these limey bastards have wrestled comedy out of the hands of us Jews for good, and they're delivering the funny faster than the one-liners of Henny Youngman. Besides the non-stop hysterical laughing disturbing my neighbors, as I said before, I got choked up a few times - there was SO much heart in this film. A brilliant, witty, charming affair. I cannot recommend this film any higher. Enjoy, kiddies!

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