Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Sell The Dead

The Takeaway: Ya know it's really bad when a Zombie gets scared. And apparently ya don't need your head attached to be a good shot with a stick.

Format: Bluray

First Time Screening. Dominic Monaghan has swag, brothers. He just does. The cat is so natural, it's always a pleasure to watch him. Except this time. Well, not him exactly, cause as usual - he nails it. But here's a flick where the ideas are WAY better than the execution. And there were lots of executions, so it really should have been a slicker flicker. But this is SO damn frustrating for me, cause I am DYING for this genre cocktail of comedy/horror to take off already. There is simply nothing more thrilling, entertaining, or crowd pleasing than a comedic bloodbath! End of story; fade out. But here I found myself disinterested, and worse - distracted, as the film sorta plodded along. I perked up like a cool wind blasted my nipples every time Dom came onscreen (slight man-crush), and when some zombies did a bit of their nasty business with the good folks - but I wanted to love the film. And I think maybe that's the problem.

So - sounds like a bad review, right? It's not. I will still give this unusual flick an "enjoy, kiddies" at the end. Probably with a period, as this doesn't warrant a full on exclamation point. And as I'm sure you are all aware, Steve Martin has already warned us of the looming exclamation point shortage and I don't want to use up my allotment. But for homework - I want you all to give this a rent, come back here, and together we're gonna sort this out. What went wrong with this picture? You decide. Oh - and -> Enjoy, kiddies. See? Still - it's a Wednesday - for now.


  1. I really enjoyed I Sell the Dead. While very low budget and far from perfect, it had a certain charm to it (although it may just have been Dominic).

  2. I really think I'll have to give it another screening sometime - probably during October for my horror megathon! Def had charm - that's why I still recommended it even though I thought it was slow moving. As far as low budget is concerned - to me - I think what I love about low budge is when they cheese it up and make it even more fun - ya know - play to the fact they don't have oodles of cash lying around - being super creative and playful about it. That's what was missing here for me.