Sunday, April 18, 2010


The Takeaway: When your brother shows up turned into a hot chick, and he hasn't had a sex change operation, nor has he been abducted by a gang of trannies and had bad stuff done to him - well, ya just know it's gonna be an odd day.

Format: DVD/Netflix Instant Streaming. More on why later.

One part Tarantino, Two parts David Lynch, One enormous helping of Cronenberg, sprinkle in some Japanese spices - and you have a tasty cocktail of the bizarre that'll give you a sunglasses-wearing hangover that rivals the day after you decided to get married. All right, maybe that last part was only me. And I meant the day after my wedding night. Got me a freaky one kids! Me = Lucky. :)

Back to the film. Holy dear lord this film is freakin' out of its mind! After 2 screenings I can't say I have any clue what this film is about - but who the hell cares? Seriously - it's just so badass and mesmerizing - ya gotta see it. All right, maybe you can piece together something of a story - but it honestly doesn't seem to be the point. Director Takashi Miike is an absolute master visionary - a prolific auteur (he's been known to direct up to 7 films in the same year!). The man stuns us with his startling visual vocabulary and blindsiding nightmare dreamscapes. Check out Audition and Ichi the Killer as followup Miike flicks after digesting Gozu.

As to why I had to switch formats midstream - the damn DVD has a scratch on it. Grrrrrr. On the positive side - I can tell you the transfer on Netflix Instant Streaming isn't so bad. While not in HD, there's still enough detail to get the point across and to be honest, the transfer on the DVD is kinda poor anyway. Enjoy, kiddies! It's a Twilight Zone Marathon!

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