Friday, April 16, 2010

The Fly

The Takeaway: There comes a time in every young woman's life when she dreams of larvae bursting out of her vagina like a wiggling, elongated football into the doctor's hands. Oh - and it's very hard to eat yogurt while watching Cronenberg's The Fly.

Format: Netflix Instant Streaming

Ah - what gooey sticky fun this was. Cronenberg is now an oscar darling, well respected filmmaker after such incredible films like History of Violence and Eastern Promises. But in the old days he let the awful yuckiness flow in his flicks and god bless him for it. Not to say I don't love History and Eastern (in fact they are two of my favorite films of the last few years), but I do miss his insane longing for the great gross out: Naked Lunch, Video Drome, Scanners, and The Fly (arguably the most commercial of his early films while still being the most over-the-top gross). He's a master storyteller and even in what could have been a straight forward, by-the-books scifi/horror flick, he gives a tremendous amount of weight to Goldblum and Davis's relationship, and certainly to Goldblum's character arc, perhaps more so than any other horror film of that age. This is excellent storytelling that is simply put -> required viewing for any horror fan.

There have been rumors lately that Cronenberg himself will helm a remake, where I can only assume Viggo's penis will take the place of the puppet in the vagina-busting larvae scene. I'll leave you with that. Enjoy, kiddies! It's a Twilight Zone Marathon!


  1. I liked this one a lot when it first came out. The most enduring visual for me was him pulling his already falling-off fingernails from his fingers. Oh, and saving the teeth he pulled from his head.

  2. That's funny. That's when I was about to eat the yogurt.