Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The Takeaway: French people have insane, psychotic dreams. All right; I'm willing to admit maybe it's just the character in this film and not the entire French population. My wife says I exaggerate. I say I "invent."

Format: Netflix Instant Streaming

First Time Screening. WOW. There was a grossly disproportionate ratio of humans to frogs living in that one room. Oh - and son, that butcher has some issues. Clever, clever, clever little French flick with a non-stop bombardment of such incredible visuals filled with whimsy, love, horror - it was all there - most of the time in the same damn frame! Hell there was a woman trying to kill herself throughout the entire film with rigs that could have come out of The Goonies. Hysterical! "The Australian is nothing without it's master." Watch the damn flick - you'll know why that last line is so frickin' funny. One of my greatest discoveries of the last few weeks. Will certainly be watching this again. Enjoy, kiddies! It's a Twilight Zone Marathon!

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