Thursday, April 22, 2010

Body Double

The Takeaway: I never thought a vampire could fondle a a girl's breasts in a shower like that. I really don't know why I didn't think that before. Even worse, I can't say for sure why I'd even have put in the time to think about such a thing in the first place.

Format: Netflix Instant Streaming

First Time Screening. Hmm - I liked this film WAY better the first time Brian DePalma made it and it was called Blow Out. Now that was an excellent film. DePalma tries to rehash the same material here and it simply doesn't work. Yeah - I get it - he likes to reference Hitchcock, move the camera all fluid and stuff, take a swing at Hollywood, and sure likes low budget sleaze pictures and boobies. But here he doesn't have anywhere near the talent level of the earlier and far superior picture. Seriously - Blow Out has Travolta in his prime, Nancy Allen, John Lithgow, and Dennis Franz. Sure, Franz shows up for work here, but there isn't much else going on in the acting department. It felt very sloppy all around. Where was the incredible creativity like on display in Blow Out? Blow Out starts with a brilliant opening scene and leads into some very inspiring visuals, top notch acting (I'll argue one of Travolta's best roles), non-stop tension, and a superb script. Here - nada! No tension at all, and this is a thriller! Ah, maybe I'm being hard because I know that DePalma can deliver - Carrie, The Fury, Blow Out, Scarface, The Untouchables, Mission Impossible. And then you have the drunken, pedophile uncle in the family no one likes to talk about: Body Double. Try and enjoy, kiddies. Welcome to my first Reality TV.

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