Monday, April 12, 2010

The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

The Takeaway: You don't have to run too fast when clay monsters come after you; chances are they were shot one frame at a time. And everybody thinks you're crazy when you say you've seen a monster, yet every time I look in the mirror...

Format: Netflix Instant Streaming

First Time Screening. I was in the mood for some super cheesy scifi fun and I got the Wisconsin of scifi double features last night! First up was Beast. Wow - Harryhausen slays it again with his special effects wizardry. He and OBrian ARE the kings. Forget this CGI crap, man. I want a new stop motion animation revolution! Anyway - the story is the story - beast attacks, we take it down. But just so much fun to watch. I love these giant monster movies, my favorite is still Them!, but I dug what I was watching here. Anyone looking for a gas - this is your film. So is the next one. I'll post a review of: Plan 9 From Outerspace tonight... Enjoy, kiddies!


  1. Great site! I'm excited to hear what you think of Plan 9. I had to see it after watching Ed Wood...Plan 9 is definitely unique.

  2. Thanks, man! Just posted the Plan 9 review by the way. That was fun.