Friday, April 23, 2010


The Takeaway: Those little rag dolls are totally frickin' badass! Oh - and Elijah Wood was clearly hired for his ability to sound anguished. Every time I closed my eyes, I thought Gandalf might stroll by.

Format: Bluray

Holy moly them there were some stunning images! The detail was astonishing. The detail in the visuals, of course, as there is little to no detail in the story. Very simple story - too simple and not terribly engaging if you ask me. However you are SO drawn in by the mindbogglingly gorgeous imagery to really care. Honesty - I'd rather have my cake and eat it too, but when the cake is so beautifully rendered, sometimes it's better to just sit back and stare, while snacking on stale popcorn instead. If you use that comparison, you're watching 9, but thinking about a story your kid told you that maybe he overheard in the bathroom at school or something... Well, you get the idea - don't worry about the story, just gaze unblinking at the screen. It's a briskly paced flick nonetheless with action throughout its brief 79 minute runtime. When you compare it to something like Nightmare Before Christmas (one of the greatest animated flicks ever made) and ya know Tim Burton can produce better, maybe ya feel a little short changed. Nightmare also has outstanding visuals - playful, dynamic, unique - but it also has incredible, delightful characters, a terrific original story and just amazing singable music. Dammit! I think I'm talking myself out of liking 9! No, no, no! I still say you have to give this a screening for the visuals. I promise you will not be disappointed. Enjoy, kiddies! Soft Serve Ice Cream @ 66th and B'Way.

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